EeBoo kinderpuzzel ‘Life on Earth’

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€ 14,95 (inclusief btw)
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Formaat: 45 x 68 cm. 100 stukjes.


eeBoo's Life on Earth beautifully illustrated 100 piece jigsaw puzzle features flowers, berries, beavers, bees,  an owl, a cardinal in the trees.  What else? You'll find out as you do it!  With large pieces this award-winning puzzle is perfect for children.   The process of piecing together a puzzle aids in the development of pattern, shape, and color recognition. This stunning 27 x 18 inch rectangle puzzle is has been thoughtfully commissioned and beautifully designed in an ideal format for transitioning from simple children’s puzzles to more challenging adult jigsaw puzzles. They offer a screen-free, relaxing way to practice patience and concentration while sharing a gentle cooperative activity with friends and family. 

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